Houtong was originally called Kau-tong (猴硐; monkey cave) due to the existence of a cave inhabited by monkeys in the early days. But now this place became famous as cat village. In this area, you can feel as if you came to the world of the cats. 

Here you can see, touch and rub a kitty, and you can stop by the shop, cafe and relaxing place. will slowly unwind from routine fatigue at this small village. 

Houtong is famous for cat & coal mining. Once you land on this station, you can find here’s the place.


Even at a station, you can find lots of cat. Let’s go to the village.


A cat show you the way to the ‘Cafe Street’.


Which cafeteria do you want to go?


We ordered Oreo-Milk, Pan Cake, Cocoa, Sandwich. You can look out the window at cute cats.


“HOUTONG” means…


Shrine and Cat


Cat Kenpo…?


Lots of cat


Let’s take with this big cat.


At bus stop, cats are lining up.


Oh my god! Yamato Transport may be popular.
This Japanese door-to-door delivery service company has a character of black cats, 


Pinapple cake is famous souvenior in Taiwan. Here you can get cat-figured cake!

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