What do you think about layover? Are you sad? Do you feel inconvenience?
Of cause thinking about the destination, I can’t wait to go and want to fly out ASAP. I prefer to take a direct flight beyond any doubt. But reality can be sever. Taking into account of the airfare and the distance to the destination, I must go via the third place and spend several hours there. At one time, I also did not know what to do with myself, or have gotten tired from roaming the huge airport.

On the other hand, once viewed the layover from a different angle, my transit time became enjoyable, I don’t mind it anymore and look on it as an important factor of my travel. Moreover I regarded the layover as the thing that can give me the chance for another excursion.

Thanks for the recent advanced transportation network, we can get to the downtown without difficulties, and less time recently.For example, from airport to downtown it takes…

SVO (Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow – Russia)     :35 min 
MEX (Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico City – Mexico)   :35 min 
DEL (Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi – India)   :20 min 
BKK (Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok – Thailand)     :30 min
※Riding Time

The good news about those airport, you can get to the city center by taking public transportation, and it takes less than one hour. It is not a longer way than you expected, isn’t it? Do you come to want to go out rather than stay in the airport??

You may need more time, if you never visit the city before. Because everything is very new to you.  You’ll feel it difficult even that you find the place to take taxi/bus/metro. Getting used to the place is the key point to reduce excessive time consumption.



There are other tips to allocate your transit time more to your excursion and not to get stress.
1. Leave you stuff in the airport: locker or pre-check (if possible)
2. Check-in online or in person before you leave from the airport
3. Make rough plan/schedule
  ※TripAdvisor and other travel blogs may help you to make half/full day trip
4. Prepare local currency in advance (if possible)
  ※You can avoid  lining up on the long line for exchange

If you’d like to visit some places in a short time, taking taxi may be a good option. In case you’d better negotiate the price with taxi driver. Participating in transit program is another option.

Transit program is offered by several airports, like Singapore and Taiwan airport. They prepare several tour options, sometimes with free of charge. Being interesting in such tours, you’d better check the airport information in advance.

Being able to use your layover effectively, you can eat yummy local food, go quick shopping and visiting tourist spots. I hope you enjoy your layover. Have fun!!

I also plan to update my layover plan in this blog step by step. Keep reading.


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