1,000,000 Million Views Make it a Reality

Through YouTube the Mayor of Beppu announced their tremendous idea on November 20. According to the promotion movie if they get more than one million views, construction of a new type theme park, which thoroughly utilizes the special property of natural resource, hot spring, becomes a reality. The project team named its Spamusement(Spa+Amusement) Park ‘湯〜園地(Yuenchi)’. This is the first step of ‘The Amusement Onsen(Hot Spring) City Initiative’.

In the concept movie, we can see that visitors enjoy roller coasters and ferris wheels which are filled with hot water. That is a fusion of amusement park and hot spring. I get really excited even just imagining that. If this project comes true, the number of visitors to this park might hit a higher record for Disney Land and Universal Studio Japan one day. In addition more tourists may come to this remote area. The hope of the Beppu City is expanded.

Needless to say, their movie gained one million views only for four days without difficulties. While the mayor said that there are no confidence now whether the amusement park is appeared as what we watched from the point of safety. However Spamusement park itself could become a reality.

This kind of decision-making method using YouTube itself is also innovative in Japan. I’m looking forward to Spamusement Park with impatience. How about you ?


Travel Information

Beppu City is situated in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. It is famous for its hot springs. They have over 2000 spring sources. They form eight types of hot springs. Collectively those hot springs are called “eight hells of Beppu”. The treatment effects are very different from each other. Beppu is second to Yellowstone National Park in the United States for daily volume of hot water.

Tourist Information >> GOKURAKU JIGOKU BEPPU


 How to Get to Beppu City


Fly to Oita Airport from Tokyo(mostly from handed a airport). Flight duration is 90 minutes. Then take a bus to beppu from Oita Airport. It takes 40 minutes. There are daily flights from Itami Airport, Osaka, to Oita Airport. It takes around one hour. 


Take Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kokura Station and transfer to the Sonic limited express train for Beppu. Totally it takes about 6 hours. From Kyoto totally 4 hour jerney,


Ferry Sunflower operates daily ferries between Osaka’s South Port and Beppu Port. It takes about 12 hours.

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