The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want,drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not.     -Mark Twain –

Especially for the person that devote life to travel, like me, good health is important and essential. I agree with mark’s thought. Unless  the excessive stress cost my life. I swear by myself that in everyday life I am careful of my wellness and do not have unsteady lifestyle , as possible.

On the other hand, once I go on a trip, my such decision is swayed very easily. Eating local food is one of the pleasure. Drinking with my local friends and other traveler is blissful. Buying some fast food at open-air stall is the real charm. Moreover I feel that cute cakes like jewelry are looking forward to being bought.

While I enjoy physical activities like scuba diving, rafting, hiking, I get fat every time. Maybe this result comes from those desires to food. Once during my stay in United States, I had gained as much as six kilos in three months. I couldn’t believe it, but it was so. My mother couldn’t recognize me and I had to buy new clothes. In addition in order to lose my weight, I needed long time and had to take exercise so hard. It was terrible! Anyway, the most problematic point is that getting big is not good at health.

Honestly, still I can’t give up those eating habits. So I decided. I made a firm resolution. In order to keep my fit, I do exercise even during my trip.

There are many kinds of workout. But for me, Yoga and Jogging are suitable. Because those activities don’t require any equipment, and I can do everywhere.



Through Yoga, I can cultivate the flexibility, develop the ability to balance and boost my metabolism. As a result of that I can make my weight stayed constant. In addition, the goal of Yoga (Hatha Yoga) is purifying the body, giving one awareness, controlling its internal states. It means that Yoga makes me relaxed and eased from fatigue. The greatest moment was the time I did Yoga in the nature. I get especially refreshed. Recently, I often find Yoga Studios in the city, in resort area, in luxury hotel and more. If you’re interested, why don’t you try taking the lesson? Starting Yoga is not difficult. Just bring your comfortable clothes, towel and a bottle of water!


I was not good at running before. I felt bored and wondered whether it was worth doing. Because running is just running – only some more, some less. But once I had a chance to feel the pleasure of running. When I participated in a marathon race that was held near Mt. Fuji, I could enjoy it. I could see its beautiful mountain from first to last. That is exhilarating. After that experience, I often ran while on my journey.

Running enable me to move in the region of a wider range than walking. In addition it makes me observed something more closely than bus, while bus trip is comfortable and makes me arrived at my destination with shorter time. Oh, I forgot to describe about beneficial effects.  Jogging helps the person to improve endurance, muscle, immune system, cardiovascular system that leads burning cholesterol and reducing blood pressure, and bone strength. In addition it contributes to anti-ageing. In order to preserve health, long-time jogging is not needed, I think. Maybe 30 min or more is enough. Don’t forget following thing: overtraining may cause muscle soreness and shin splints. Moderate exercise keeps the doctor away. By the way, I can only jog one hour/10 kilos MAXIMUM.


Many other workouts exist like swimming, jogging, dancing. In addition, ‘going by foot’ in another option, I think. (Don’t do this, unless your safety is not ensured.)

Keep your fit and enjoy your trip forever!

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