I have an interest in Space Travel. Lot of people may think so. In Japan, one of the largest travel agency H.I.S and Airline operator ANA announced that they  plan to send tourists into outer space in 2023. When I heard this news, I was so excited. On the other hand, we face the stark reality that we must wait six years more in order to go to the space at least. In addition, its fare will be around 14 million yen (USD 120,000) per person… Too expensive.  I won’t be able to visit there for some time. 


I got a good news from my friend. The news said that MAGNOPUS released the VR simulator “Mission:ISS”. This program offers the virtual experience. We can feel as if we are on board the International Space Station. In addition through controllers, we can also learn how to move and  work in zero-gravity zone. Not only explore the inside of ISS, but witness the moment of docking with the other parts, we can. It seems that in order to develop this simulator, NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), CSA (Canadian Space Agency) join this project. 


We need to prepare the kit like Oculus Rift (head-set) and Oculus Touch (controller)  in order to trip to the virtual world. I think it’s worth for making an investment in this kit. No internet connection is needed. So we can enjoy this world with friends in the park, I think.

Let’s board on the the International Space Station!!

You can see more detail on Mission:ISS
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The link about Oculus products is just for your information. Therefore I don’t have responsibilities for your purchase.

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