After visiting Lungshan Temple of Manka, we felt hungry. Already had sun grown dark, however it was really hot and humid outside. So we decided taking a break and having a quick dinner. We found a nice restaurant near the temple and entered.  

There’re many types of Taiwan food, and it varies from place to place. The food in Northern Taiwan and Southern Taiwan is different, and it’s the same situation as in the other regions. This restaurant served Tainan food. It’s said that Tainan cuisine tends to be sweeter than other Taiwanese cuisines. 


We were so lucky. Because the restaurant that we entered is quite a famous, because here has cheap prices and is delicious.

The first owner from Fujian Province, a province of China, founded the restaurant more than 100 years ago. You don’t have to miss “qie zai mian(a kind of noodle)” here, because it is very very famous here and the shop was named after it. So you shouldn’t miss eating it. Two types of noodle exist; noodle with soup, and without soup. The both were so delicious.
By the way, can you guess how much the noodle is? It costs 30TWD ($1 USD). I couldn’t imagine that. It has a high cost performance, doesn’t it. Other foods, like raw hormone and fish skin, are so unique and tasty.


Unfortunately, the restaurant close early, but I recommend you to visit here. It’s not far from Lungshan Temple of Manka, so I wonder if it’s good idea that you go there before/after the temple.


Address:No. 96, Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City,

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