Have you heard that there’s a cat village in Taiwan? Once you take one step into this village, you feel as if you’re in the cat world. 

Houtong, which is located 35km east of Taipei in Ruifang district, and it takes almost one hour by train. There’s usually one train about every half hour during the day, so you don’t feel uncomfortable to go there.

Houtong is a popular tourist destination, and is a must-see spot for cat lovers. In Taiwan we can see cats everywhere, but here is no match for the other. More than 100 cats (someone says 200+) live here, and  they rule this world. You certainly encounter lots of cat. 


During the Japanese era, Houtong was known as a coal mining town. Over 6,000 workers engaged in this industry and the town was prosperous. At that time people were annoying the existence of rats which roughened the tunnel. And cats were making a great contribution to this mining enterprise in order to solve this social problem. 

Unfortunately this village grew weaker after the closure of the mine. But thanks to a volunteer team which has taken care of cats since 2009, Hotong restored its glory and now receives many tourists from all over the world.



Do you want to see more foto of this village? Click here.



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#70, Chailiao Road, Ruifang DistrictNew Taipei City

Taiwan Railways “Houtong”



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