Arequipa is known as “White City”. Because the city center was built in volcanic sillar rock, whose color is almost white or pink. The contrast between white buildings and blue sky is so beautiful and it made me refreshed.


Walking the street, I encountered one exhibit, named “CANTEROS”.  Canteros (Spanish vocabulary) means quarrymen, and Diego Oliver pointed his camera at the subjects.

I’ve never imagine how they work and how they are. But through the eyes of Diego, I could have  a glimpse of them. While those men has an important role in supplying the ingredient in making a white city, they are mysterious characters. Because they are put in the place at the foot of Volcano Chachani and Misti, and have to work isolated.

I heard that each block in good condition is sold only for 5 soles (USD 2) in the market.

Let’s see their work through Diego’s masterpiece. 



You may also enjoy his project througu documentary.

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