Who said that Japanese can perform only Bon dance, Japanese folk dance. There’re many cool guys here in Japan. 

Tomioka Senior High School rocketed to fame, because of the brilliant “Bubbly Dance”. Lots of foreign TV shows sent them invitation requests. And already their video has got five million views.

Bubbly dance was created  for high school students. And performers are dancing to up-tempo music in perfect order.  The song “dancing hero” was popular during the era of Showa bubble economy (1985-1990). And young ladies used to wear those kinds of dress and have unique hairstyle, one-length in those days. The 25-year-old coach, who created this performance, and high schoolers don’t have any information about bubble era. Even It happened before their time.  

For the person who know bubble economy their dance seems to be very nostalgic. On the other hand, for younger age who don’t know this crazy era may see it so fresh. 


Let’s see and enjoy “Bubbly Dance” !

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