Santurce is one of the districts of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here is popular as a cultural hot spot, and many people gather to go shopping, to visit for entertainment, to eat excellent cuisine, and to enjoy night life. In this place you can encounter nice museums, fashionable bars & cafés, and a pile of graffiti as well. 


I visited one of the popular museums, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR). Here is a place  where we can enjoy a bunch of the collections of Puerto Rican art from the 16th century to the present. In addition the architecture itself is very nice. It is said that this historic structure was builded in the 1920s.

On December 2017, I could visit the exhibition, Interconnections: Curatorial Readings of the MAPR Collection. I share some works that I’m so impressed in this blog. I love portrait and Cubism. So most of the pieces I share are something like that. But in this museum hold many art works categorized as Icon, landscape and so on. I confirm that you can encounter the one you are favorite of.


Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
299 Avenida De Diego, Santurce, San Juan, PR 00909

Take T-3 bus from Old San Juan, and get off near Luis A Ferré Performing Arts Center. Cross the busway. And follow Avenida José de Diego. 5 minutes walking from bus stop. You can find it at right side of the street.

In front of the museum, there is a Botero’s object. Don’t miss it.
There’re a nice café and bistro near this museum. So if you need take a rest, check these shops. (Hacienda San Pedro Coffee Shop and Bistro de París)
You can pay a ticket with credit card. There’s a space for kids in the museum.

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