I truly understand that many foreigners feel uncomfortable when they meet Kanji. Even we Japanese sometimes encounter the one we can’t recognize.
On the other hand lots of tourists from overseas seem to have interests on Kanji. For you Kanji is something mysterious and cool, don’t you.

Kanji is a very convenient character if you can handle. Once you can see the one kanji, you can understand what it’s like to say.
There’re many dictionary applications. But “ imiwa? “ seems to be something new.

By utilizing this application you can search Kanji information including its meaning, sample sentences. In addition Animated stroke order diagrams teach you how to write Kanji.

Good news is that this application is for free. Moreover this one is multilingual application; German, French, and to some extent Russian translations have been added.

For Japanese learners categorized list by JLPT level and school grade work efficiently. The function that You can switch between neutral or polite forms is useful. Also personal vocabulary lists help you to learn Kanji more rapidly.

Learn Kanjis, and visit Japan!


Application : imiwa?
Developper : Pierre-Phi di Costanzo
OS: iOS (iPhone & iPad)
Fore more information, visit imiwa? site.

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