Do you know Vieques? After U.S. Navy withdrew from this island in 2003, here became one of popular travel destinations in Puerto Rico. 30 minutes flight from San Juan takes you to this island. Beautiful beach heals you and a big sunshine makes you energetic. 


I visited Vieques on Dec 2017. It’s just two moths after a disaster. The category 5 storm Maria have hardly attacked on the end of September and inflicted damage on this beautiful country. Vieques is no exception. Public infrastructure were down, vast amount of houses were collapsed and the necessities of life like food, fuel, and water are in short supply. Still they have many difficulties. And the analysts says that the road in order to repair the conditions could be quite long.

Everyone says that everything is completely changed.


Our life was also completely changed after Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March, 2011. A big earthquake triggered powerful tsunami and caused nuclear accidents. I remember cleary that we were filled with apprehension and alarm. Seven years have passed since then. But the problem about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident has never been resolved. The grief left a scar on our mind, and time doesn’t heal all broken hearts. We’re still struggling to escape from such an unprecedented situation.


Power was restored (but not for all day long) and people started clearing of rubbles. No matter how sad they feel, they have to do something to survive. Few tourists are here, but they have to prepare for welcoming visitors. It’s going to be a long struggle to reform the town. And it may take very long time in order to heal a broken heart. 


As we, Japanese, could reconstruct the city and restore vitality with the cheers of the friends in overseas, they also need help. They need company to win a long battle. I share the scenery that I witnessed with a hope; through these photos, somebody take action to them. 

I wish you will have peace in your heart again.

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