La Higuera is a very small village in Bolivia, and is situated 60 km of Vallegrande. I was not easy to get here. The bumpy and narrow mountain roads seem to continue eternally, and the taxi rattled for three hours. 


There was a clear reason why I came to this idyllic place. Most of the people may not be able to image, but here is exactly the place Che Guevara faced the end. It wasn’t anything like as peace and quiet as usual. Some gunshot shattered the peace of the mountain valley. Ardent revolutionaries who were in high hope lost their lives one by one. Then, finally, the Bolivian soldier shot Che through the heart. 


On October 9, 1967, he ended his life of 39 years as a revolutionary.
I think he felt very disappointed, because he died halfway through his journey. But at the same time I think that his life might have been  satisfactory. Because his ideas have been handed down to the next generation.

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