I suddenly made up my mind to go to South Korea, and purchased air ticket to Daegu two day before my departure. Thanks to my boldness and courage, I am here in South Korea and am eating the delicious street food with relish in Busan. It was a very first time to come here. And I don’t have any information about Busan as well as Daegu. However for me it doesn’t matter. I would rather be filled with exciting feelings. 

There is no special reason for my sudden departure. To stretch a point, I noticed that I could have four consecutive holidays if I took annual paid leave just for one day. And Air Busan encouraged me.


Ordinarily, Airlines seem to mark up their flight ticket as the departure date drew on or as the decreasing of the seat. But It somehow looks different from usual.  Air Busan offered me a ticket with very low price through Thunder Deal. Amazingly enough,The flight to Daegu costs 4,500 yen one way, and airport tax is 5,600 yen. I truly understood that South Korea was near from Japan, but it was much cheaper than the fare of domestic train ticket to Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido (from Tokyo). I felt so happy.


Air Busan’s merit is not only for its fare, but the meal. And we can collect stamps for further privilege. I was so satisfied.


I’ve never been to South Korea except for Seoul. In addition it was so long time since I came here, South Korea, as a destination while I sometimes visited Seoul for transit. I’ve completely forgot words and phrases that I’d remembered before. And even I feel that Hangul comes from another dimension. But this doesn’t become a big problem. We have special communication method; GESTURE. I can order by pointed the food I’d like to eat, and can tell you what I am thinking with my body and hand gestures.


Let’s get back on track. I am in Busan instead of Daegu. Why? My Korean friends recommend me the visit to Busan. There’re lots of places which draw tourists in, and local people are familiar with the tourists. On the other hand, Daegu is a big city. So for extreme beginners, Busan is much suitable, they say.


The distance from Daegu to Busan is not far. Riding KTX (Korea Train eXpress) from Dongdaegu Station takes 45 minutes to Busan. Totally it takes one and half hour from Daegu International Airport, if you efficiently perform. In fact I could get to Busan within 90 minutes. It was very convenient.
※I took SRT (Super Rapid Train).

Today was a moving day. All I can do today was walking around night market and eating delicious foods. I introduce some snacks I ate. If I eat such a big dinner every day, I’ll get fat easily…


Oden. It’s good for winter season. (Of course in Summer). It makes our body warmed. We can find Oden everywhere in the town. (1,000 KRW)


Many people are lining up. It’s something like Quiche. Simple one costs 1,000 KRW, and with Bacon costs 2,000 KRW.


This one is also popular.  씨앗호떡, Hotteok with brown sugar, sunflower seeds and walnut. (1,200 KRW)


Noodles. It’s refreshing taste. (4,000 KRW) You can enjoy the taste of Korean flavoured lavers and welsh onions.

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