I’m a food lover. One of the purposes of my traveling is eating local food. Of course I like dining in a gorgeous restaurant. But at the same time, I love hanging around the streets with food stands and tasting the one my eyes alighted upon. In Beijing there is a famous food street, at Wangfujing (王府井).


While here is a good place to have light meal, you can have a chance to get strange experiences.  Even I use to accept cultural differences, I was hypnotized by the unbelievable sight. 
But if you’d like to have a meal while relaxing or have a weak heart , I highly recommend you to go other places or restaurant.


The thing that struck me most was bizarre food and display. During I look for something interesting, I encountered so grotesque thing; wriggling scorpions. Despite scorpions are skewered, those are still moving! MOVING!! I truly admire their vital power. But anyway the sight is so groooooss.


Lots of tourists look like they’re enjoying eating those unique food. Not only scorpions, but spiders, snakes and lizards you can try. Uh, it can be even regarded adventurous. 


This time, I ate BBQed small bird (RMB 20). The looking are also horrible but the taste was just like a chicken. (A little bit hard to eat though…)
Next time, I’ll be brave to try some insects.

As I said before, there’re many photogenic things that you can’t help taking photos here. But set your mind at ease. You can also find delicious regional foods like dumplings. There are shopping centers near this food street. So, why don’t you look into it? No doubt here is one of the best spot for food and night life.


The Wangfujing Station of Beijing Subway Line 1
The Wangfujing snack street is located in west side of the main street. It’s easy to find.

Almost all of the shops are closed in 10:00 P.M.

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