A Bhutan Photo Essay

During my stay in Bhutan, I felt so relaxed. I don’t know what made me so. But it is certain that lots of smiles and warm hospitality are deeply printed on my memory. And time passed very slowly in this place.

Bhutanese lifestyle seems to be more simple than ours. Few frilled things, useless things, are not needed and everything they possess is fully taken care of. For them, domestic animal is a member of their family and even a great treasure that brings blessings. And the people in this community admire and help each other. That behavior is coming from their philosophy. And it forms the basis of GNH (Gross National Happiness); they need to admire their inherited culture, create lifestyles harmonious with nature, and develop sustainable and equitable socio-economic system.


You may think why I make such a big deal of this. Looking at their lifestyle, we might be able to discover an important hint in order to live a happy life. 

In the consumer society we live, many excessive things often exhaust the people and are disposed quickly. On the other hand we feel anxious if we’re not surrounded by junks. And we’re been slaves to prejudice as if the rich is much happier and more valuable than the person with few properties. Egotistical disregard of others builds cold and inhuman relationship, and causes various stresses in the society. Moreover under this situation, we easily forget what is most important and precious in our lives. 


We don’t have to hurry. Because there are lots of things that can not be seen with the rush.
Thought the idea of Bhutanese, can’t we bring this matter arising from the strain of modern society to a peaceful settlement? And can’t we find the key in order to live a satisfying life and keep our planet beautiful?


Trip to Bhutan gave me a reason to think of the essential element deeply.

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