May 5 2017/ Blue Sky & Tempestuous 

The sky was so clear, but still cold outside. After breakfast we said good bye to nomad life and left for White stupa (Tsagaan Suvraga). More than 10,000 years ago, here was a big sea. After the sea dried up, a valley appeared with many glacis and escarpments. The wind and the rain for a long time had created this amazing structure. White stupa is about 200 meter height and 400 meter long. Small hill chain seen at distance evoked the imagination that here was sea before.


All activities had been finished and finally the time we had to go back to Ulan Bator was coming. Thinking lots of joys and precious experiences Gobi gave us, suddenly the loneliness welled up.  I breasted extremely strong wind and I imprinted this beautiful scenery in my memory.


Our van arrived at UB almost at 18:30.



Day 1. Baga Gaziin Chuluu (small rocky formations)

Day 2. Bayanzag (unique shaped trees and small flaming cliffs)

Day 3. Khongoryn Els (Sand Dune)

Day 4. Yol valley canyon

Day 5. Dundgobi province

Day 6. White Stupa and the way back to UB


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