May 4, 2017/ Blue Sky -> Stormy -> Snowstorm -> Gale

Our journey was nearing its end.  After the breakfast, we aimed to reach the town. In this place, we’d take shower and have a lunch.  We had a short time to explore this small town, because the shower shop hadn’t opened yet. We visited a local temple. There were several pagodas and a big prayer wheel.  


The town  

The shower shop has lots of room, therefore we didn’t have to wait in order to take shower.


After shower, we moved and took yummy lunch.


After a few hours driving from the town,our van diverted from the highway. Today’s destination was Dundgobi province. Following on the bumpy road, we could encounter quite a different scenery. Before our eyes, beautiful golden land stretches; so many golden long grasses make the land brilliant. I felt as if I were in savanna in African. Suddenly two gazelles appeared in front of us and passed away. We convinced that we still had a good luck.


Gobi shows different facial expressions in every place; Everyday we could become a witness for the new world and we could make a new finding. One day we saw the red land with short grass, and another day we were surrounded by hard rock mountains. So it is difficult to express Gobi in one word. This is Gobi. Snow made the land so white before I even knew it. And by the time we arrived at camp site, it changed into snowstorm.


Camels emitted moan because of the frost. On their eye lashes snow lied and it seemed that they made up with glitter. So beautiful and so cute.

Mama of nomadic family taught us how to cook traditional Mongolian typical dish, Khorhoc (recipe). This food is very popular in Mongolia. All of the Mongolian people know this dish and this is their passion. At the dinner time, our team enjoyed last supper in Gobi Desert. This day we stayed in Dundgobi province. Here is approximately 245 kilometers south of Ulan Bator.


At midnight it stopped snowing. At the same time the moonlight played on the huge desert.



Day 1. Baga Gaziin Chuluu (small rocky formations)

Day 2. Bayanzag (unique shaped trees and small flaming cliffs)

Day 3. Khongoryn Els (Sand Dune)

Day 4. Yol valley canyon

Day 5. Dundgobi province

Day 6. White Stupa and the way back to UB


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