What’s your carry-on essentials? Passport, credit card, smart phone, flight ticket, backpack and cloth, purse and… yourself! Once I traveled only with passport, money and smartphone.I could be a minimalist. But in many cases it seems to be something different. 

In order to enjoy outdoor activities, like scuba diving, camel riding, trekking in the mountain, well-used gears are necessary. In order to protect my skin from the strong sunshine, sunblock and lotion are mandatory.

I always think how I can downsize my stuff. One idea flashed through my mind. Bringing goods that may become a souvenir. And finally, I found this unique face mask. “This is just what we want.” I felt so exited.  

that it would be best if those goods I have to bring could become souvenir for new friends that I met while traveling. And finally I encountered the perfect goods. This is exactly the one I was looking for; Face Mask. 


Kabuki is a Japanese traditional performance. And its famous for unique makeup style “Kumadori”. Once putting this mask on your face, you can become Kabuki actor. There’re two color variations; the red one is Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa from the classic play “Shibaraku” and the blue one is the ghost of Tair no Tomomori from “Funabenkei”. Don’t mind if you’re not familiar with Kabuki plays. Because this face mask is not only for professionals.


This product never fall short of my expectations. Indeed whenever I gave one to my friend, this caught on splendidly with foreign friends. Furthermore, the Kabuki Face Mask was introduced with the government’s approval; this was selected as the official gift at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit. 

I’m so satisfied not only with its originality but with its treatment effect. It is an indubitable fact that The Kabuki Face Mask won immortal fame. But there is no end to its popularity. They produce lots of series from anime character to ironman and Jack Sparrow from Hollyowood.


When I went to the shop that specialized in these masks, I found that they started offering a new interesting service. Once I approached my face towards iPad that was installed in this shop, my face became…like a Doraemon, Japanese popular anime character. That’s slutty!!! 


How about giving your best friend this nice present?
You can get more information at their own website.

You can buy these cool face masks at their EC site and Amazon.


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