Japanese love SAKURA, cherry blossom, much more than you expected. For Japanese Sakura comes before everything. I think that we Japanese suffer from SAKURA decease.

In this spring season,
Sakura can determine the place where Japanese goes on weekends.
Japanese choose travel destination depending on the existence of Sakura.
Japanese go to see Sakura regardless of day and night.
The start of work for freshman is sending out to secure places for Hanami, the flower viewing party.
All we can order in Starbucks is based on Sakura; Sakura Latte and Sakura flavored cake.
Traditional confectioners create Sakura taste sweets.
Every excuses are accepted only if the matters are related to Sakura.
Anyway Sakura is everything.

Sakura is very nice.
They have many small white flowers at the same time, and then cherry blossoms whirl in the wind.
The state is resemble snow falling.
Sakura do their best with everything. Their attitudes encourage me a lot. When we are at a turning point in life, SAKURA are always beside us. And when we are afraid of something new, they give us a supportive push on the back. And those experiences have come down to me from my mother.

We can see Sakura only a few weeks throughout the year. So if you have a chance to enjoy it, how about seeing them as well as Japanese who love Sakura.

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