When I visited Mongolian nomad family, they served Khorhoc. The recipe is quite a simple. But it was tasty. We all circled around the dining table and ate it. It was a nice and joyful time. I miss Mongolia…


depending on the amount of the ingredients (almost 1.5 hour)


lamb meat
vegetables (onion, potato, carrot)
hot stone ※nice to have



1. In a large pan/pot, pour the water.
   Not too much water is needed, because this water is only for steam cooking.

2. Burn the pot. 

3. Add lamb meat.


4. Add hot stone.
   Not necessary, But in order to resemble their cooking method, much better to have.)


5. Add salt. 
   Seasoning is only salt. Not too much.


6. Add vegetables. Add salt.


7. Cover the pot with a lid.


8. Steam for almost 1 hour. 


That’s it. So simple, but only 1.5 hour cooking leads you to the real Mongolian cuisine world. Mongolian people are eager to eat this food. I think this dish is also good as outdoor plate. Try it if you have the chance.

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