May 2, 2017/ Sunny -> Windy

We drove almost 170 kilometers to Khongor sand dunes. We went to see the Flaming Cliffs on our way to sand dunes. This site is very famous for the fossil remains of dinosaur eggs. In the 1922 American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews found the evidence that dinosaurs lived here. Since then lots of scientific evidence were discovered in this area. 60 types of dinosaurs had lived here and Mongolia is considered as the second country of dinosaur finds (United States is the first country). It is illegal to remove fossils from Bayanzag. If you find some, don’t touch and just observe them carefully. Andrew discovered petrified forests as well.


After the cliff, we went to the village to take shower. And then, we had a lunch time. Here we ate famous Mongolian food, Khuushuur. Khuushuur is a kind of dumpling. The lady cooked them with a favorable tempo.
Mutton is mixed with onion and garlic, and seasoned with salt and other spices. It was tasty. Khuushuur is so big, therefore for me three dumplings were enough.

In the morning we could see blue sky overhead. But time passed by, many clouds covered the sun and climate became worse. The temperature dropped suddenly. And we couldn’t stop shivering with cold. When we arrived at Mongolian largest sand dune named Khongoryn Els, the wind blew the extremely fine sands up into the air. After we took a short rest with a cup of coffee, we started camel riding tour. It was not my first time to ride a camel. But I felt so excited and was satisfied with happy feelings. Camels are so cute and I love their long eyelashes, dreadlocks, cuddlicious (cuddly and delicious) humps and big round eyes . And more than anything I like large slow wavings that camel makes, because they give me relaxing moments. By the way, these sand dunes spread out widely; the length of 180 kilometers and 20 kilometers wide. 


During camel riding, I found some blue flowers on the ground. My guide said that we can seldom see them. Maybe god blessed us with the luck. This wild grass is said to be good for the throat. The view of high sand dunes from the camel was particularly fine.


The ger I stayed and the food we were served in this day.

That night, it had become blizzard. I had gotten up several times because of the noisy wind and coldness.



Day 1. Baga Gaziin Chuluu (small rocky formations)

Day 2. Bayanzag (unique shaped trees and small flaming cliffs)

Day 3. Khongoryn Els (Sand Dune)

Day 4. Yol valley canyon

Day 5. Dundgobi province

Day 6. White Stupa and the way back to UB


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