May 1, 2017/ Sunny

We drove long long distance (almost 420 kilometers) and departed for Bayanzag. We stopped by an ancient religious complex on the way to Bayanzag. Here is situated about 20 km south of the town of Saikhan Ovoo. Unfortunately this complex had been completely destroyed during anti-religious purges. This complex was consisted of monastery, temples, pagodas and so on.  Another famous complex including Ongi Monastery is situated near this place.

We stayed overnight near Bayazang. Bayanzag means ‘rich in saxaul shrubs’. You may know the name Flaming Cliffs. You ask me why? Because here is the famous place where American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews made the great discovery of the century; he discovered fossilized dinosaur eggs. And Protoceratops skull was also found by western scientists Mongolia here. Other spieces like Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Pinacosaurus had lived in this important place. Thanks to their discovery, we will unravel a mystery of living things. We can see the complete dinosaur skeleton in the Natural History Museum in Ulan Bator. 


Before arriving at our destination, Bayanzag, we encountered a flock of camel. Maybe 50 head or more head of camel. We were so excited and tried to get as close to them, but they ran away so as not to be overtaken…


The ger stood in the very open place. There were nothing except small cliffs; the land covered only with rocks and soil spread out before my eyes. After arriving at the camping site, we could walk around and climb on these cliffs where drought-resistant saxaul trees grew. These plants are very unique, because they inhabit only in central Asian Gobi. And their roots are used as medicine.


At the night time, we could see lots of stars and Milky Way. It was so impressive.




Day 1. Baga Gaziin Chuluu (small rocky formations)

Day 2. Bayanzag (unique shaped trees and small flaming cliffs)

Day 3. Khongoryn Els (Sand Dune)

Day 4. Yol valley canyon

Day 5. Dundgobi province

Day 6. White Stupa and the way back to UB
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