Every country has the rules and systems for safety measures. In Japan, the nationwide warning system called J-Alert is provided in times of emergency. The government can quickly broadcast the emergency situation to local media and to citizens directly via J-Alert. And the person must take appropriate action according to specific rules. In addition, considering the social conditions around Japan, Cabinet Secretariat released the manual (pdf file) for self‐defense against risks like terrorism and missile attacks. 

I think it’s better not only for Japanese but for tourists and business person in Japan to know this alert, therefore I share this information.  Warnings are broadcast in five languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean and Portuguese.


J-Alert informs those transmission capabilities; 

 Volcano eruption
 Severe weather
 Military threat
       North Korean ballistic missile launch, Air assault, Military attack, Terrorism


If we have a missile attack from North Korea, we get sound information via J-Alert. (Check the sound here.)  And if you need more sound information, check here

 If you check the sound, be considerate of others. Eliminate erroneous judgment of others.


You can see the movie manual. Click here for the detail.


I think Japanese learned the importance of providing against accidents from severe earthquakes. We should read this manual at least once.


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