No sooner than I entered this cafe, I suddenly experienced indescribable sensations. I had a taste of slipping through time. I was so excited because I felt like I was back to the good old days. I’m not Vietnamese and don’t have enough knowledge to explain what it was then. But I was certainly inspired by this lovely cafe.

Cong Caphe Co., Ltd is a Vietnam coffee company and a coffeehouse chain. The name of “cong caphe” comes from Viet Cong (guerillas during Vietnam War era) or Viet Nam Cong San (Vietnam Communist). And the concept “old Hanoi under Bao Cap (state-subsidy) system” relaxes me.

In Vietnam today, it’s no exaggeration to say that CONG CA PHE is a strong player which leads coffee culture. It opens stores in Hanoi one after another with a support of the youngster. Recently it accelerates their business expansion to other regions, which have even different cultural backgrounds, like Ho Chi Minh City.

Photos of old Hanoi(1950s-1970s) and many kitsches are displayed here with an unsparing hand. The textile unified under the design of Chan (Blanket) Con Cong (Green peafowl), which was used during ancient era, colors this coffee shop. On the other hand modern music is played in this cafe. It means not everything provided here is old. So the young seems not to be hesitant and to consume and enjoy the fusion of new and former culture. This is why CONG CA PHE becomes popular in Vietnam.

Every evening this cafe is packed with local people and tourists. Therefore if you’d like to spend a relaxing time here, it’ll be better to go in the morning. Signature menu are Cot Dua Ca Phe (coffee w/with frozen coconut milk) and Ca Phe Sua Chua (coffee w/yogurt).

I could find 4 branches around the Ho Chi Minh City. My favorite one is located on Mac Thi Buoi Street. This branch is very convenient for tourists and photogenic, I think.  ※All photos on this blog were taken in this branch.


Here is a list of CONG CA PHE in Ho Chi Minh City.

1F, 26 Ly Tu Trong St. Dist.1. Ho Chi Minh
1F and 2F, 2 Mac Thi Buoi St. Dist.1. Ho Chi Minh
1F and 2F, 127-129 Bui VIen St. Dist.1. Ho Chi Minh
1F, 336 Truong Sa St. Word 2. Dist.Phu Nhuan


Do you want to see another Cong Ca Phe? Here is photos taken in the brunch in Ly Tu Trong Street. That Cong Ca Phe is oldest one in Ho Chi Minh.

Click here for CONG CA PHE’s official site.

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