Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) of Japan produced manual for safety measures. Through this handbook they expect that business person in foreign country can minimize risks and avoid dangers. There are some background factors in this publishment: the tragic incidents that Japanese nationals living abroad became targets of kidnapping and terrorism occured these days.

Generally speaking, these kinds of manuals are bland. And it is hard to read them clear to the end. But this time MOFA made elaborate preparations for this manual. Readers can enjoy because this manual is based on the famous manga “Golgo 13”. Golgo 13 is a name of a famous manga series as well as the pseudonym of the main character, who is a professional assassin.


Unfortunately MOFA seems to offer this manual only in Japanese. Episode will be updated weekly.
Here is a series of manual. Let’s start reading!


(PDF files are provided)
Episode 1    (YouTube)
Episode 2    (YouTube)
Episode 3    (YouTube)
Episode 4    (YouTube)
Episode 5    (YouTube)
Episode 6    (YouTube)
Episode 7    (YouTube)
Episode 8    (YouTube)
Episode 9    (YouTube)
Episode 10  (YouTube)
Episode 11  (YouTube)
Episode 12  (YouTube)
Episode 13  (YouTube)

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