Salvador Dalí is one of my favorite artists. His works inspire me and encourage me to create new idea and flash. And sometimes they give me a time to chuckle. Unfortunately he is no more, and couldn’t create masterpieces, but his works always impart a fresh feeling to me. So whenever I visit to Spain, I habitually go to see his artworks.

Recently I got an information about a film named ‘Destino’. Destino is the collaborative work by Dalí and Walt Disney. This 8-minute film project started from January 14, 1946. But it hadn’t come out for a long time due to various difficulties. After the interruption of the film production for 58 years, it finally saw the light last in 2003.

This film consisted of a mixture of various techniques: surrealism, traditional animation and CG. Dalí decided the concept of this masterpiece and wrote the original story.

This is a love story about love. The man Chronos, who is the personification of time, falls in love with a mortal woman named Dahlia. Unfortunately their love came to nothing. The story develops together with Dahlia’s dances through surreal scenery. There is no dialogue, so you need to enjoy this with your imagination and sound tracks, as if you appreciate Dali’s work.

Destino is a great opportunity to know his world view. In addition you don’t have to visit exhibition and art museum to see this masterpiece. All you need to do is just connect to the internet. Let’s visit the Dali’s world!

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