When I was a little kid, I loved Doraemon and dreamed of the day that he would one day come to my house for support as he gives Nobita. And still now, I am hoping the life with Doraemon. Doraemon is one of the world famous manga characters. This blue robotic cat travels back in time from the 22nd century, in order to improve Nobita’s life. Unfortunately Nobita is not a smart and perfect boy, but a lazy and slovenly guy.

Doraemon usually helps Nobita with various gadgets that come from his fourth-dimensional pocket. Almost all of the gadgets are helpful and charming. If only I could use them. Especially “Bamboo-copter” and “Anywhere Door” are dream gadgets, I think.  “Bamboo-copter” makes the person flown at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. It is suitable for a trip to a nearby place. On the other hand, as its name “Anywhere Door” suggests, we can go any destination in the world. Anyway I confirm that these magical gadgets give us more opportunities to go travel, if they exist.

I don’t have any idea whether Doraemon appears in this real world. But now is the time for experience this dream tool. With VR (virtual reality)technology, we can have a pseudo experience about Anywhere Door now.


Doraemon VR “Anywhere Door” 

 2017/2/20 ~ 4/14  This event has ended.
 TOKYO Solamachi: TOKYO SKYTREE (1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo)
 The reservation is needed to have this wonderful experience.

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