People from Islamic country (not only them, but especially now Islamic people) have been bogged down for years with bad PR. Due to some people, the country is unjustly accused, and lots of People are suffering from physical or psychological pain.
I couldn’t understand why those helpful and kind-hearted person with glorious culture and even beautiful scenery, are unfairly treated. Why do they have to be discriminated against according to their religion?
Unless we are living in the global society where we can get enough information to know others with the Internet, where the dispatch of  employment of enterprise personnel are tending to rise, still we can’t rid of segregationalism. Even tourists who are interested in other cultures can’t enjoy gaps between cultures.In deed, I often face the situation that travelers make a charge against the cultural differences while traveling. Of course I am not a perfect person. But at those times, I strongly wonder “what makes them inspired to come this country that may be quite strange to them”.
I believe we, tourists, have potential to become evangelists who can remove the stereotypical images and disabuse misunderstandings occurred from cultural differences. And I’d like to be.
When can we accept and enjoy the culutural differences?

※This blog is completely based on my opinion.

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