When you are thinking about travel destination, you will notice that food forms the most important part of great travel experiences. I also place importance on food culture. I love exploring yummy local food, going on a pub‐crawl and smacking my lips over the beautiful cake in pâtisserie. Conversely, if you can’t enjoy the cuisine, the joy of your trip may be reduced by half.

Some religions restrict adherents’ intake of particular foods. It is common knowledge that Muslim have not been allowed to eat pork. While the Japanese cuisine offers a great variety of dishes and maybe you can eat everything you want, such Islamic person give scrupulous attention to the food and ingredients that they consume. Because Japanese subsist on pork and adopt it as soup stock.

But at the moment, it is still difficult for Islamic people to find the restaurants that offer Halal food. 

As foreign tourists increase, we, Japanese, start organizing infrastructure to provide information on restaurants and food shops. Halal Gourmet Japan is run by the Japan guide for Muslims Project team in Japan, and provides Halal food. Search the shops and enjoy delicious food in Japan!


Visit the Halal Gourmet Japan.

(The links to Halal Gourmet Japan are subject to modification and/or deletion without prior notice.)

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