Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) of Japan announced that for Russians, Nationals of Russian Federation, can get Visa more easily. They decided the relaxation of visa requirements. This will come into force on January 1, 2017. MOFA expects that this action contributes to promote international exchange, to improve the convenience for visitors and to increase the number of repeat visitors.

MOFA said that the specific measures to be taken are as follows:

(1) The scope of applicants eligible for multiple entry visas for short-term stay with business purposes and for cultural and intellectual figures will be expanded, and in addition, the validity period of the visas will be extended from 3 years to 5 years maximum.
(2) The multiple entry visas (terms of validity: 3 years, period of stay: 30 days maximum) for short-term stay (for various purposes, including tourism) will be newly introduced in addition to existing single entry visas.
(3) The letter of reference from guarantor will be abolished for applicants of visas for short-term stay in case they travel to Japan financed by themselves.

(Quotations from MOFA Homepage)


We, Japanese, can get Russian visa easily these days. Especially acquiring transit visa without require any difficulties. Just bring original, as well as copy, of airline tickets and passport. (If you have enough time for preparation, even fee for transit visa is free!) I think that taking visa without hardship, easy access to downtown and yummy food play an important role for tourists to determine their destination or transit place. Indeed I’ve visited to Russia several times. And I met my favorite restaurants.


I hope Russian tourists love our country as well.

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