I love travel. I cannot help thinking about travel. I want to travel all over the world. And I usually wait for an opportunity to say like this. “Hey boss, I flashed across my mind. The world is waiting for me. I must go off on a journey any minute now!! So I quite my job.” Or “I won the lottery, I leave here now to new world.” But unfortunately the reality is a quite different. My god doesn’t spoil me. So I have to work for travel, and can’t spend all my life on travel. What a bummer

Google give us, travel addicts, a helpful solution. The name of the service as the Savior is Google Earth VR. Google map and Google Earth have already been famous, right? Google Earth VR offers not only two-dimensional map and a virtual globe, but the further possibilities to virtual travel. Since it was released,I can enjoy panoramic views and scenery of down town worldwide without going out.

And finally, Google announced Google Earth VR, the enhancement of its popular service, Google Earth. Google Earth VR is developed in accordance with the high technology, virtual reality.

Traveler needs to prepare a peculiar headset instead of a backpack. Once placing this gadget around the head, the person can transform into a world traveler with wings.


With Google Earth VR, we can explore the world from completely new perspectives.
We can soar into the sky and move from town to town like migratory birds. We can rest at the highest peak and enjoy its beautiful landscape.

Of course I need not say that real travel life is much much much better. But it is true that it helps to release my stress from routine office works. In addition for the person, like very my old-aged grandmother, who loves travel to Germany but can’t explore another country easily, such a technology works very good and makes them more energetic. 

As far as I know, Doraemon hasn’t appeared yet, but the dreamworld that Doraemon provides us is gradually becoming a fact.

This service has been already available. Just download the contents on the Steam Store for free. Let’s start on a journey to  Amazon River, the Swiss Alps, and a vast amount of destinations.  Google Earth VR is first available on Steam for the HTC Vive.

More Detail:Visit Google Earth VR site.

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