As you know, among Latin American countries, Argentine and Chile are world famous wine producers. But there’re other counties where people can cultivate grapes. Think about the geographical features. Peru has as a similar climate as Chile, so they have a big potential in order to produce good quality wine. Most vineyards are located on the central coast, around Pisco and Ica. And guide books say that we, tourists, can visit those and taste authentic Peruvian wine. 

It is said that the first grapevines were brought to Peru shortly after its conquest by Spain. And Cuzco is the first place where the fermentation process was transmitted in South America. On the other hand, the place the vineyards of the 16th and 17th century flourished is the Ica valley of south-central Peru. Most wine were consumed  in Potosí in present-day Bolivia at that time. Unfortunately, its prosperity finished, because of the 1687 earthquake. 

Peru imports many wines from Chile now, but still there’re lots of fan of Peruvian wines. 


I bought “VINO NASCA” as my souvenir. It was sweet. 
(Product of Destileria Castro S.A.C.)

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